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Not completely safe for the price you pay!
27 February 2017
Reviewer: My Honest View from UK

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I find it interesting that this agency got such a good rating given that:
- They openly state they do not police check all sitters - but parents are inclined to believe this from the messages given by the communications and others.
- They never recheck any of their babysitters so someone could commit a crime and go to prison but they would be non the wiser as they never recheck anyone.
- They hold out of date information about their babysitters (ie they are now a childminder but still have down nursery nurse etc) and what information you get is very limited as to their skills.

I could go on put it seems to me that if you are paying an agency to vet these people to care for your beautiful children why would you place your trust in an agency which does not keep updated records or recheck their workers. I would expect that every babysitter that came to my door was appropriate and with the above in mind it seems to me that you would have to restart and interview on the door step every time to be sure, something you could have arranged cheaper through childcare.co.uk! - which I also think is a bad idea as who really has the time for all of that now a days? You get a babysitter to get your social life back not to spend your time trying to find your social life by interviewing and emailing people....

I think agencies are great but people should not just put trust in what they say really check them out and quiz them before booking, asking about their recruitment methods but how they continue to vet their sitters and recheck them (not just based on good feedback like Sitters). There are good agencies who do the appropriate checks for you, don't just go with the crowd on this one.

In summary, I would not recommend Sitters to a friend.

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