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Great Care Childcare Review

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GreatCare.co.uk is an advert listing website for people seeking and offering childcare.  Launched in 2003, the site hosted 38,223 candidates on last count, uploading 11,704 CVs.  2,210 jobs were posted, attracting 147,960 visitors and 606,711 pages were viewed.  These statistics were collected between May 2008 and April 2009.  It works simply by allowing recruiters, be they private individuals or companies, to place job adverts.  They pay a fee which enables them to access the website fully and produce an advert that will reach thousands of potential candidates.  There are not a vast array of features or facilities on the site, and it is not the smoothest looking compared to the other sites in this category, yet it offers a good number of candidates to choose from and some useful features.

GreatCare.co.uk appears to be geared towards childcare providers, encouraged by a very simple registration process.  All you do is input your e-mail address and it sends you a password and you will be signed up in seconds.  Although it means there may be many candidates viewing jobs, it also means the quality of the candidates is not vetted in any way.  This is a serious concern for parents looking for childcare and applies to all the sites in this category.  However, if you are an agency contacting or are contacted by the candidates you will have your own vetting procedures to cover you.  Moreover, there are very few jobs listed here for "babysitting", most are for nannies and childminders.  And if you are looking for a babysitter, there is no search facility for this - you must place an advert.  For this, you need to select the "services" tab on the bottom of the page.  Then you select "post a job" and it takes you to an account set up page.  This is not the simplest way to access this basic feature and a little confusing.  The cost is £35 for an advert that will last 28 days.  After this time has elapsed you will receive an e-mail asking if you would like to extend this time for a further payment of £35.  The day your advert is paid for and placed, your job will appear on the jobs listings and will automatically be e-mailed to candidates subscribed to the Jobs by E-mail service, having selected preferences that match the specifics of your job and location.

Because GreatCare.co.uk relies on revenue from advertising agencies, there are a lot of adverts on the pages.  It also appears to be mostly used by nanny and childcare agencies.  However, compared to other commercial sites it does not appear overly messy or convoluted.  The information is simple and plain to read.  The features, though somewhat limited, are similar to those on  most sites, but here what you see is what you get.  There is no subscription fee which could be more economical, rather you pay per ad for 28 days.  If you subscribe to a site that has a jazzy look but does not come up with the right candidates, you could be wasting your time and money.  GreatCare.co.uk is a great way to search for childcare jobs and for recruiters to reach thousands of candidates across the world.

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