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Please note that Find A Babysitter has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Find A Babysitter below, or check out the rest of the UK Babysitting Websites we've reviewed.

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Find A Babysitter Review

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FindABabySitter.com is one of only two websites in this category to offer a range of care services, including housekeeping and elderly care. In 2010 this snazzy site won the Smarta 100 award and the prize for Highly Commended Website of the Year by The Good Web Guide.  The site only relaunched less than a year earlier and became the UKs first "geo-coded" database boasting 120,000 local childcare members. 

The idea of the website is to help families find childcare without the use of an expensive agency.  They claim to be the only childcare website in the UK offering Experian Background Checks directly through the site.  This allows childcarers to post their background check on their profile for potential employers to view.  For this feature alone, FindABabySitter.com deserves to be the top of this list.  What is more important to a parent than their child's safety? 

The page on "Trust and Safety" outlines these important issues and how the website can help potential employer families. They offer background checks which can be directly downloaded together with references from other parents which are also posted directly on the profile of the candidate.  Candidates with more than two references from previous employers will be pushed higher up the search results, making them easier to pick out.  There is also a tool called "Community Flagging."  This enables every member to flag another member to warn against suspicious behaviour. 

  FindABabySitter.com is one of only two websites in this category to offer a range of care services, including housekeeping and elderly care.  

The website offers the added feature of live chat support where you can connect with childcare experts.  This is available to all  paid members.  Being registered with the Data Protection Agency, there is a privacy statement that claims the site is not allowed to give out contact details unless you publish them.  The site also offers spam control to eliminate unsolicited e-mails that might appear in your inbox as a result of registering with them.  All payments to the site are made over secure connections through Comodo and transactions are dealt with by Paypal.

There is a whole section on the site explaining how it works and the process of approving profiles.  It is important that profiles are checked manually and Fndababysitter.com claims that, while they do not personally vet candidates, their moderators approve each user profile before it is published to protect against internet scammers. 

However, they still advise individual users to use vigilance when dealing with strangers online.  They are not an agency and so this is where the costs are cut, by vetting people yourselves.  FindABabySitter.com offers clear advice on their information pages about qualifications and interview tips as well as how to stay safe online.  They also offer a free example contract designed for childcare work.  It might be useful to check out these pages before going into any kind of agreement.

FindABabySitter.com is hooked up to the major social networking services i.e. Facebook and Twitter, and they also have a friendly blog.  The blog covers all kinds of childcare issues for parents and professional carers including fun games for the kids, Halloween recipes, job-seeking and good parenting advice and schools.  This is updated regularly which is good to see.  The whole site is clear and accessible.  The websites in this category are quite varied. FindABabySitter.com stands out, well above the rest, as the best-run babysitting search facility in the UK, without the agency price tag.

  The websites in this category are quite varied. FindABabySitter.com stands out, well above the rest, as the best-run babysitting search facility in the UK, without the agency price tag.  

If you like the color pink you will enjoy the interface on the website profiles.  There is a lot of pink.  You will be sent (pink) e-mails listing childcare providers based on your job criteria, such as babysitters in your local area.  The majority of the profiles have good pictures attached and their names are displayed by their first name followed by surname initial.  Their date of registration is also displayed so that you can see the up-to-date candidates.   The profiles are well-laid out and easy to read.  As always it depends on how much a candidate has bothered to complete, but this will give you an idea of the type of candidate they are. 

If you are seeking a babysitter, your homepage provides links to your account, your website messages, the jobs you have advertised, and referrals you have made. There are also sections on news, advice and useful links for parents.

The babysitting page lists all the candidates listed as babysitters in the whole of the UK.  We counted about 300.  You can sort this list quickly by completed profiles, last log in, nearest, most viewed and response rate. You can also used more advanced options to narrow your search such as your post code and time slots available for urgent childcare which is great for babysitting. 

FindABabySitter.com comes top of the list for babysitting databases in the UK.  Registration is quick and won't cost a penny, so why not give FindABabySitter.com a try?

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Please note that Find A Babysitter has now been discontinued.

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